Solutions to Build, Maintain and Protect Your Wealth.

Wealth management.

That's our business.

We help families accumulate, preserve and distribute wealth, and make strides toward financial freedom.

We pair strategies, products and investments with meticulously constructed financial plans - created around your dreams, your life, and your business, and flexible enough to change as your goals change.

We manage wealth according to your vision of the future.

Seeing the BIG Picture

You've created a comfortable life from astute financial decisions. We want to help you create financial freedom from today's prosperity.

Our wealth management is holistic. We deliver asset management and risk management in the same process and with a consistent approach. We evaluate where you are now financially, and strategize to take you closer to your goals.

The financial plans we create are just the beginning. We use our significant understanding of retirement, tax, estate, insurance and investment planning to gauge the progress toward your goals and keep up with the changes in your life. We realize that your financial plans exist in a world of constant change, and that these changes can affect your investment and tax environment. We regularly provide objective advice, analysis and information to keep your planning relevant to changing times.

We offer more than just investment advice. We look at the big picture and coordinate the management of your personal investments, work benefits, consumer debt, mortgage, insurance and other aspects of your finances.

With this overall view, we are able to work cooperatively with other professionals that you count on such as attorneys and accountants. All of this is done with one focus in mind: helping you achieve your financial goals.

We use an acronym to reference the six aspects of planning a financially healthy future - the RETIRE acronym:


etirement Planning

E ducation Planning

T ax Planning Strategies*

I nvestment Planning

R isk Management

state Planning


We can help you take care of these priorities in a friendly, collaborative, and cooperative way - a way that will likely improve your outlook on money, your knowledge of money, and even your life.


Here are some crucial questions to consider:


Will your wealth allow you to maintain or improve your lifestyle in retirement?
Will it be enough to sustain "the good life?"
Will it provide comfort, and fulfill notions of stewardship?

Is your net worth hedged against economic change?
Is a great portion of your wealth tied up in a business, or in a single stock?
Are you working in an industry that may look drastically different in a decade?
Is your portfolio largely single-sector?

Are your assets and savings working hard for you,
or are you working harder for them?

Are money pressuresand financial issues mounting?
Will you someday be able to live with the financial freedom you want?
Are your savings affecting your career choices, or family relationships?

What kind of legacy do you want to leave?
What must you do to keep your family wealth out of the probate courts,
and free from unnecessary tax?
What values do you want to convey to the next generation?
Do you want some of your wealth to benefit charity,
through a foundation, trust or gift?

Have you diversified the tax aspects of your wealth,
or will your assets all be taxed in the same manner when
you use them?
What tax advantage can you gain as you roll over your retirement assets?
Have you determined the distribution order of your retirement assets?

Do you need to plan for college, but fear losing control of your assets? 
Are you postponing retirement to pay part of your children's tuition?
Are you looking for ways to pay college costs besides the conventional
savings accounts?

Do your investment decisions take taxes, cash flow,
risk posture and short- and long-term goals into account?
Is your only goal double-digit returns?
Are you considering after-tax returns? Is your portfolio better suited to the 1990s
than the 21st century?

Have you included your children in your estate planning
process, so they know your desires and how to manage
inherited assets?

Have they met Mom and Dad's financial advisors? What are their attitudes toward money?
What level of financial education do they possess?

Who oversees the different aspects of your financial planning? 
Do you attempt to tackle it all by yourself?
Do you drive only to get inharmonious advice from multiple sources?
Are you reacting instead of planning?

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*Please note that neither Kurtz, Connor, Browning & Phillips, LLC (KCBP,LLC)  or Cetera Advisor Networks LLC nor any of its agents or representatives give legal or tax advice. For complete details, consult with your tax advisor or attorney.